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Fan Letters:

To: Robert Frank Smith, Songwriter of "Lonely Hearts":

From: Randy Forrester

Rebecca Linda and Frank: 

I listened to the pre-mastered Hope CD yesterday and what a great album.  It’s your best to date IMHO. 

Your vocals are wonderful, you’ve got great material, the instrumentation is wonderful and the backup vocals are right on the mark.  The production value is really high.  I don’t know what there is to re-master.  Perhaps one harmonica riff that’s a little loud, but I think this is basically a finished product.  Very nice work. 

We’ll be playing “Slow Dance More” on the show when the mastered version is available. 

Randy Forrester
Co-Host "Gotta Dance"

KSFR 101.1 FM 

Sundays, 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. (MST)
Santa Fe (NM) Public Radio



Rebecca,   This is your #1 fan.  You probably might not remember who I am. I received yesterday the autographed CDs that you mailed to me.  Thank you so much! My bible study group loves your singing and the songs that you sang on the Cds. The songs that I love that are on your Cds that you gave me are the following:   We Will Remember   Not Knowing Anymore (I cried the first time that I heard you sing this)   Jesus, Lord of My Life (My all time favorite song from your Timeless CD)   Jesus' Grace   Everlasting Love (I now start my day out playing this song)   Hope (I cried the first time that I heard you sing this song)   I would like to be placed on your e-letters or mailing list to be informed of updated news about your events and music releases. You will find my mailing address at the bottom of this e-mail note under my name.   God Bless,   Roy Browne (your #1 fan) Columbia, IL 




From: Pete Lenloy in Vienna, Austria from Radio Carinzia

Dear Rebecca & Dr. Frank Smith! Many thanks for your great "True love" CD. Excellent songs and you`re in best form, i think. All of the songs are 100% right for all of my format of radio. "From coast to coast", "Gospel matinee" and "Texas in my mind" are names of my daily radio work. Again thanks and stay in touch. It`s always great to have your music in my airwaves. Your friend & fan. Pete l.


From: Richard Manus

Hi  Rebecca, I've been listening to "True Love". What a powerful voice you have, I ordered your CD "Jesus' Grace" and am anxiously awaiting it arrival. God bless you. Richard Manus, host of

From: Radio Carinzia

Dear Rebecca Linda & Dr. F. Smith! Many thanks for your wonderful music. All of your songs are 100% right for my daily "Gospel matinee" radio show, also for my "From coast to coast" programm. Audience response is great, from the first day on. Again a big thanks and keep in touch. Pete L.

From: Hector Baisa

"Dr. and Mrs. Smith, I want to thank you for letting me hear your songs.  They are very moving, emotional and inspirational.  I liked them very much!"  (Referring to "Forgotten Heroes" single and the American Heroes album)

God bless,

Hector Baisa
Proud Life Member of Lucio G. Moreno Chapter 574
VVA, El Paso, Texas


From: Stella Dillenbeck

I heard your new single "Old El Paso" for the first time this
morning.  I love it.  Bob played it back-to-back with Marty Robbin's
"El Paso."  Robert Frank:  keep up the great job of writing those
songs!  Rebecca Linda:  nobody sings 'em like you do!  

Later my dear friends,
Stella Dillenbeck


From: Diane & Jim Genda

Hi There" just heard you again tonight on Wayne Graham and Gospel Classics and wanted you to know how much we love all your songs so went to their web site. You are so lovely. Hope you come to Bridgeport Ct and do a concert one day soon....Love

From:  Charles R. Crews, PhD

The songs you have written and sung are fantastic! To hear part of
my life set to music is an amazing feeling. Many times I have thought about
our life, and to hear that other people have seen the struggles we lived
has caused me to soften up, kind of cathartic. Thank you for sharing
these with me.
~Charles Crews
Charles R. Crews, PhD
Assistant Professor
Texas Tech University ~ College of Education



From: Johnny Counterfit

Hi Rebecca & Robert:   I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the autographed CD, We Will Remember; it was a pleasure meeting you both, and I enjoyed Rebecca's performance. I listened to the CD cut, and I'll bet it brings the audience to their feet when you perform it, around the country; the OSD vets showed how much they enjoyed, We Will Remember! Best wishes in your efforts.     Johnny Counterfit The Johnny Counterfit Show 615.444.5711 * 615.417.9839



From:Rowena Muldavin

Dear Ms. Smith, 

I love your song "Texas and Tennessee" and today was reviewing some of Joe Baker's compilations and rediscovered "Purrfect Love."  What a terrific song!  I will not only be playing it on my show, but am emailing it to a dj friend of mine back east who might be losing his cat, "Miss Little", who has been with him for many, many years.  He and I are both animal lovers, and I know your song will bring him a great deal of comfort.  Bless you for all the music you make, and know that this particular song will have a very special meaning for my friend.

Kindest regards, 

Rowena Muldavin

Host, All Things Country

Channel 1,


From the Le Master Family 9-2-08;

Hello to the Smith Family!    Dr. Smith, when Brandon ran into you last week at school he brought me a business card.  I haven't been online and checked your sight recently and Steve and I were blown away by how fast things are happening for you both!  Wow!  What a blessing that is for you both, what a gift this truly is!  I loved looking at your photos and was so happy to see the billboard.  Unbelieveable!  This is so well deserved!  I will keep checking your site from time to time to try to stay updated on how things are going for you.  Thanks for sharing! Steve, Karen and Brandon Le Master #1 Fans!



From Stella Dillenbeck;

Greetings from New Mexico
How are things going with your concerts, tours, recordings, etc? Been thinking about you a lot lately and enjoying your "Timeless" album. We don't normally listen to CDs since we have the radio station. But it's so nice to just put your CD on once in awhile and listen to your lovely voice and be blessed time and again. My dad was born in Clovis, NM and raised partially in Arkansas and partially in Houston, TX. My mom was born in Oklahoma and spent some of her growing up years in Texarkana before her family moved to California. My nephew and his family live in Austin and we got to go down and see them in 2006. So Texas has a special place in my heart. I love your song Texas and Tennessee. Have never been to Tennessee, but hope to be able to go someday.   Everlasting Love is my all time favorite. I can see why it was a hit. And I get tears in my eyes as I listen to you and Dottie. It is so hard to believe she is with the Lord now singing with the angels. So glad you had that opportunity to sing with her... what a blessing.   Be encouraged today - you are loved with an Everlasting Love! Stella


From Joe Liles Re: "We Will Remember" written by Robert Frank Smith, recorded by Rebecca Linda Smith

Rebecca . . . thanks for sharing this beautiful, powerful song with me.  Its a fine creation and the singing is great, too.  I hope it gets lots of play and circulation.


Rebecca Linda (Garcia) Smith was born into a military family and spent most of her young life growing up between the United States and Germany. She began singing when she was four years old. The start of her singing career was performing for different school functions and in churches throughout Europe during her teenage years. As Rebecca Linda grew in her faith, she also cultivated her musical talents. Now, Rebecca is concentrating on having her music be a testament to 'renew' as many people as possible. And this exact instance occurred last time Rebecca and her husband were promoting her new CD in Nashville. The story goes that DJ Neal Cannon of WJBD 1350 AM received a call from a listener saying that the song "Jesus, Lord Of My Life" saved the listener's life. After hearing the words the fan immediately gave his life to Jesus! Rebecca's music has been burning up the airways and this summer she begins a 15-day, nine-state broadcast media tour throughout the Southeast. Rebecca Linda's life took many twists and turns, from serving in the U.S. Army, to obtaining her master's degree in education, to developing gestational diabetes, to the death of her ever-loving father. These events seemed to point her toward God's purpose for her future — pursuing a music career. She has sung in churches, at weddings, memorial services, and various social and community events throughout her life. Yet, this could not quench the burning desire Rebecca still had to sing for the Lord on a full-time basis. She has since begun applying all her efforts into her ministry as Rebecca Linda Smith-Renewed. Rebecca's desire to stray from her music and enlist in the Army comes from a very familial desire. "My entire family has served the military and our country in some form or fashion. My father set the example for all of us. My oldest brother is a retired Army officer, as is my husband. My younger brother and sister also served in the military. We believe in serving our country and in giving back because we have been given so much," said Rebecca. Rebecca Linda's first CD, All For You, sums up how she felt about serving the Lord. Rebecca said "The songs I chose are those that have touched my life and renewed my desire to sing for Him as a ministry." Her  project, Jesus' Grace, has a common theme in most of the songs — we are all sinners saved by Jesus' grace — and a powerful and anointed message of eternal hope as well, she said. Rebecca has released her new CD, which she prays will touch lives and serve to restore those who need to be renewed in their spiritual walk and commitment to the Lord. Jesus' Grace was released through her new label, Renewed Records. Rebecca Linda and her husband Dr. Robert Frank wrote or co-wrote 10 of the 14 songs on the album. "Many fans say she is well rounded with her array of music styles, which include Christian Country, Southern Gospel, and Inspirational Country music genres after crossing over from Adult Contemporary Christian music" said her husband Robert Frank. He ended by noting, "We are looking forward to continuing travels throughout the country and abroad as we share God's message through personal testimony, music, and song."

"Jesus Grace" is distributed by Renewed Records and affiliates worldwide.



Contact Information: Rebecca Linda Smith: Contact Robert Frank or Rebecca Linda @:


(915) 472-2805

or email: