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Memorial Day 2011;

Rebecca Linda was singing our original song "Lady Warrior" since they were featuring Women Veterans during Vietnam (including a poster and write up about what she did during that "era"). The chorus says "She's a lady warrior, an American soldier, guarding the Red, White, and Blue..." Notice the "Lady" Marine guarding the American flag which fell just as Linda was about to sing. The wind broke the flag pole!!

Many Bikers, also Vets, attended the 2011 Angel Fire Memorial Day Program.


Walter Westphall, David, Dorothy, Kimberly, Robert
Frank, and Rebecca Linda.

Walter is also a Vietnam Vet and the brother of David
Westphall, the fallen Vietnam hero for whom the Memorial at Angel Fire
was started by the late Dr. and Mrs. Victor Westphall (parents) and now
run by the David Westphall Veterans Foundation and the State Parks of New Mexico.

A special ceremony in honor of Lucio Moreno, former
President of VVA Chaper 574 in El Paso (now called VVA Lucio G. Moreno
Chapter 574) outside on the grounds of the Vietnam Veterans National
Memorial at Angel Fire on Sunday. This tree was planted in honor of
Lucio. Lucio's widow, Lupe, can be seen in yellow with sun glasses at upper left and son, Lucio, Jr., on far left with sun glasses. Members of Chapter 574 with flags and others are standing nearby.
To far right, is Victor Flores, former Vice-President, now President.
This ceremony included a special Indian ritual with a real Eagle wing
and was conducted by a Native American member of our El Paso Chapter.

Victor Flores, President of VVA Lucio G. Moreno Chapter 574 in
El Paso, conducting the special POW-MIA ceremony during the Sunday night
candelight vigil at the Vietnam Veterans National Memorial at Angel
Fire, New Mexico during Memorial weekend ceremonies.

Robert Frank Smith with Tim Squires on left and Pastor Kin
Pickle on right with the Motorcycle Ministry from Midwest City, OK.
Pastor Pickle is the National President of this Biker Outreach

This is Rebecca Linda, a Life member of VVA Chapter 574 in El Paso in
her Vietnam Veterans shirt and her POW-MIA cap, standing between CWO-3
Debra Herbst, USMC-RET and Kate German, New Mexico State Parks official
and Heritage Educator with the Vietnam Veterans National Memorial in
Angel Fire. The three "lady warriors" are in front of the Vietnam
Womens Memorial, a replica of the original statue near the Wall in
Washington, D.C. (Of interest, Rebecca Linda has already recorded a new
Patriotic song, "Lady Warrior," written by her and Robert Frank,
honoring our women in uniform, to be on a future album and soon to be
released as a Single.

Robert Frank and Rebecca Linda Smith in front of some wall photos inside
the museum at the Vietnam Veterans National Memorial at Angel Fire,
N.M. With them are Jim Boyd (on left) Texas State Council Secretary of
Vietnam Veterans of America and Buster Newberry (on right) Texas State
Council President.

Rebecca Linda Smith singing the "Forgotten Heroes" song written
by her husband Robert Frank Smith during the Sunday night candlelight
vigil at Angel Fire.

American Legion Riders performing Flag Ceremony at Angel Fire